Phthalocyanine Blue B

Phthalocyanine Blue B is a reddish-brown powder and is an unstable α-type copper phthalocyanine pigment. Insoluble in water, ethanol and hydrocarbons; soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid in olive solution, diluted blue precipitated. It has bright color, high color yield, strong dispersibility, light fastness, heat resistance and excellent performance. Its tinting strength is several times that of Prussian blue and more than 20 times that of blue.

Uses: Phthalocyanine blue is mainly used for printing inks, paints, watercolors and oil paints, as well as coloring of paint printing, rubber, plastic products, etc.

Quality Index:

Relative tinting strength (compared with standard) ≥100%

Water soluble substance ≤1.5%

105 ° C volatiles ≤ 2.0%

Oil absorption 40~50g/100g

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